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Our free website evaluation is very appealing

Web Design in Greenville is a small office with big hearts. We offer free website evaluations and Internet marketing classes from any one of our staff of technologists. Web Design in Greenville (WebDig) includes local Internet professionals ready to discuss your sales funnel and how websites, social media and content marketing services can enhance customer satisfaction. We’re here to help you create and maintain an Internet marketing strategy that makes financial sense.

WebDig Free Website evaluation: (864) 735-8195

Our operation is located in the heart of Greenville, SC on Stone Avenue in the North Main area of the city. Our business allows clients access to our workers, so that the function and strategy of your business is immediately accessible. Our WebDig consultants believe in the importance of coordinating strategies to line up with sales objectives.

Web Design in Greenville Sales Funnel

Most small businesses are accustomed to losing control over their Internet marketing activities. But our company empowers clients to take ownership of their Internet marketing business strategy, by empowering clients with content management systems like (WordPress), by helping clients install technology to increase customer traffic on websites and social media outlets, by showing clients how ownership of domains and servers can reduce costs and mitigate risk if a new website manager is needed.

What does our free website evaluation provide?

There are nearly a billion active websites on the Internet, so the last thing you need to have is a website that is common, looks like everyone else’s website and that does not provide unique content and functionality for users. We follow’s basic website management strategy:

Website Assistance

As part of the free website evaluation, we will recommend converting to WordPress content management system (CMS) as a way to increase efficiency and save on hosting. The custom-rich reality of WordPress means that you will be joining a community of millions who are actively helping to maintain an open-source CMS with thousands of plugins to assist your business in adding functionality to your website and social media outlets.

  • Responsive design
  • Landing pages
  • Lead capture boxes
  • Original company description and features on home page
  • Weekly content creation schedule and strategy
  • eCommerce with valid payment module for clients

Competitive Analysis Among Competitors

Evaluating allied companies and competitors to document the functionality, design standards and information flow on successful websites relating to their same business.

Content Marketing Assistance

Web Design in GreenvilleFree Website evaluations will always come back to the same question: Are you capturing and engaging customers by reaching out to them on a regular basis with fresh news and good business ideas?

  • Newsletter eBlasts weekly or monthly
  • Social Media posts with quality content links
  • Content aggregation across all social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram.

User Testing on Website

The Free Website evaluation includes looking at the website and evaluating the good and bad from an unbiased perspective. What’s working and what isn’t working? Is Google Analytics installed to evaluate the bounce rate and where visitors are coming from?

What are the key words optimized on the website?

The Free Website evaluation will also find out the success or failure of key words targeted on the website. What is most relevant to your goals and what is the point of marketing these key words. Are they specific or general?

What is the client’s sales process?

There are tried and true methods for determining how customers are converted. The basic question is how does your customer buy?

  • Demand Creation (Awareness) – A Marketing function to communicate each product’s “Value Proposition”
  • Buyer Identification (Interest) – A function of the Marketing Staff and Sales Manager to funnel customers
    • Website Leads
    • Conference Leads
    • Phone Call Leads
    • Existing Client Referrals
    • Referrals from Strategic Partners (i.e., trading customer lists, creating incentives, revenue share, etc.)
    • Cold Calling
  • Pricing/Contract Negotiations (Pricing) – Sending the proposal
  • Purchase Commitment (Desire) – Signing each contract through “point of persuasion”
    • Each sales person measures their funnel size via a longer term sales forecast of 90 days.
  • Order Fulfillment (Buying) – Delivery of Product
  • Customer Service – Supporting the Product

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